Packaging the potatoes

Packaging is the third step in the Patatas Gómez production process. Once the potatoes have undergone quality control and have been washed, they then go through a double hand-picking performed by expert staff with many years in the company. This step enables us to sort them depending on the production line and packaging. They are handled the minimum in order to protect the products, just as we have done in previous steps.

Then, after an exhaustive weight control, they are organized into bags and boxes by pallets. Today, Patatas Gómez has chosen automatic palleting to ensure that the potatoes are handled less and the organisation is more precise.

The machinery used changes depending on the kind of customer to which the potatoes will be sent, and we work with all the different kinds of packaging options on the market. The cold chain remains after packaging, and the newly packaged potatoes then go to the final stock room.