Patatas Gómez still works to continue innovating and being a benchmark in Aragón in the potato sector, but it also strives to create synergies in the food world. For this reason, Patatas Gómez has alliances with other producers and associations to provide its consumers with broader yet always top-quality services.


José Lou

The Patatas Gómez facilities in Mercazaragoza have a special area set aside for José Lou olives, an Aragón-based company devoted to distributing olives and pickles, as well as patés and jams, for both the restaurant business and end customers.



Patatas Gómez works in conjunction with Bruñó, a benchmark company in the vegetable and fruit sector. We are also the exclusive distributors of Bruñó products in Aragón.



Patatas Gómez is a member of the Spanish Association of Commercial Codification (AECOC), one of the largest business associations in Spain in which manufacturers and distributors work together.



Patatas Gómez is a member of the National Professional Association of Fruits, Vegetables and Potatoes (ASONAL), which is a member of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers and Exporters of Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants (FEPEX).



The mission of the Iberian Club of Potato Professionals (CIPP), created in 2007, is to spotlight the potato for consumption in the fresh food market. Patatas Gómez is one of the 15 companies that belong to this collective, all of them specialists in the sector which together account for a large percentage of the fresh packaged potatoes meant for Spanish households and the HORECA channel.



Patatas Gómez has been working for decades with Mercazaragoza, the agro-food logistical platform in the Ebro River Valley, where it shares a space with more than 140 companies specialising in food distribution and logistics. As a potato wholesaler, Patatas Gómez offers its products to stores, retailers, large distributors and the HORECA channel from its facilities in the Cogullada industrial estate.